AI-Powered B2B Lead Generation Service

We offer sales development as a service to find all your prospective customers and engage them via omni-channel outreach. Our AI-based market relationship management (MRM) software platform enables intelligent targeting and advanced automation.

Sophisticated growth engine for your business


Multiple communication channels (targeted ads, email, LinkedIn, SMS,cold calling) sequenced for optimal engagement.


Search, selection/filtering and profiling for database building. Campaign configuration & Orchestration.


Collect millions of datapoints about companies and people for better profiling. Analyze market penetration data and adjust campaign execution accordingly.

How we work

Step 1: Identify every business that can be your customer

  • Go beyond searching job titles and industries with advanced profiling and selection using language technologies.
  • Create micro-segments of the audience.
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources.

Step 2: Engage target audiences by sharing the right message at the right time

  • Omni-channel outreach with sophisticated sequencing.
  • Hyper-personalization for each micro-segment.
  • Advanced ABM workflows at scale.

Step 3: Intelligently convert leads into opportunities

  • Continously measure interest level based on lead behavior accross social media , website, email, etc.
  • Use the optimal outreach channels based on lead interest level.
  • Dynamically optimize content and workflows.

Trusted by leading innovators worldwide

We bring the right people

We bring specialized skills: market research, tools engineer, cold calling, inbound sales development, project management, content writer, all trained on our processes and best practices.

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We created
a modern process

We follow a sophisticated lead generation process to collect maximum information available about the market, prioritize andengage relevant target audience, monitor their behavior and intelligently optimize for better lead conversion.

We've built the right technology

We created advanced language comprehension technology (semantic search) to automate company and people profiling. We use an integrated platform for data consolidation, data analytics and intelligent campaign orchestration.

Market Segments

Define market segments in form of ideal customer profiles (ICP) and buyer personas (BP).

Contact Database

A contact database is created by combining company, people and their contact information.

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Omni-channel Outreach

Omni-channel outreach campaigns are executed to make prospective buyers aware of the product or service offering.

Our customers tell their story

How to engage with us

Follow our well defined methodology for a proper onboarding and execution. Joint workshops bring clarity into ideal customer profile (ICP), buyer persona and messaging. Weekly reviews enable close tactical collaboration while monthly reviews support continuous learning and improvements.

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