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Moving away from the traditional approach of building a business with the help of sales personnel is labor-centric, slow, and may lead to missing out on opportunities. You can enhance the quality and count of your leads with a few simple clicks using SmartLeads.

SmartLeads is an Artificial Intelligence-based B2B lead generation solution. SmartLeads application has a comprehensive user interface for the clients and enables other sales-related processes. It allows users to specify target market segments, provide messaging, and track generated leads.

SmartLeads deploys proven methodology with thousands of best practices and advanced AI-based automation to deliver five times higher productivity than traditional lead generation methods.

SmartLeads collaborates with clients to define ideal customer profiles, buyer personas, and related messaging. SmartLeads executes lead generation activities like building contacts databases running email and LinkedIn campaigns based on client requirements.

SmartLeads uses multiple sources of information to construct large contact databases of relevant companies and people and offers email outreach campaigns on behalf of client personnel. It provides comprehensive engagement dashboards and reports.