SmartLeads for Marketing Agencies

SmartLeads empowers marketing agencies by delivering the most automated and highly scalable lead generation service to have an even bigger impact with the end customers.

How it works

Marketing Agency

You work with your customers to determine the ideal customer profile (target accounts) and buyer persona (roles of decision makers). You define messaging and provide relevant content to be used as part of outreach campaigns.


We identify the relevant companies, potential buyers within those organizations and executes LinkedIn and Email outreach campaigns on behalf of the end customer’s sales team.

AI-Powered B2B Lead Generation

You can use our SmartLeads application to track all the data points needed to capture the requirements, configure messaging and outreach sequences, track progress of the outreach campaigns

Our Success Stories

SmartLeads successfully worked with marketing agencies big and small supporting small, medium and large enterprise, including fractional CMOs working with smaller yet quickly growing organizations.

Watch this video case study to learn more about one example of such collaboration.

“The first B2B engagement firm I’ve seen in two decades fully dedicated to genuine innovation.”
Greg Ness
Fractional CMO, Actium Bay Group