About Us

SmartLeads provides AI-Powered B2B Lead Generation service that increases productivity of business development teams 2x to 3x times. This service is powered by intelligent software with cognitive computing capabilities.

Using most advanced AI-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms our software can derive meaning from text. This allows SmartLeads to automate creation and micro-segmentation of the contact database.

With SmartLeads automation, marketing and sales teams can free up their time for more strategic work such as market research, crafting messaging that resonates with customers and engaging with prospects.


Our vision is to empower marketing and sales with the most advanced AI-based cognitive technologies. We envision the world where we can extremely efficiently connect sellers with relevant buyers in a global marketplace.

With the emerging cognitive computing capabilities, AI-based intelligent software will be able to take of many tasks that previously could be done only by people.

Complex products and services that could not be easily catalogued for eCommerce, now will be efficiently positioned on the market using AI assistants that will take on the required communication with potential buyers.

With increasing availability of information about people in professional social media, AI assistants will be able to find relevant buyers and communicate with them.

Traditional advertising to certain profile of people can be soon replaced with very targeted outreach to potential buyers supported by Market Relationship Management (MRM), a new product category created by SmartLeads.

Company Values

We are passionate about bringing innovative ideas to life leveraging the latest emerging technologies.

Value Creation
Everything we do is geared towards helping our clients solve business problems that could not be solved before and creating significant value longer-term.

We promote sincere and free from any bias collaboration in our human world, enabling every person to unfold their full potential.

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