Sales Development as a Service

A powerful blend of technology with robust process execution.

Contact Database

SmartLeads builds a highly accurate database of companies and people filtered based on defined ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer persona.

Market Signals

We collect various data points such as indicators of company growth or positioning in their market and use these signals for sales intelligence.

Engagement Monitoring

Our software platform detects identity of anonymous visitors on the company website to properly target them in sales development.

Campaign Orchestration

Our software orchestrates the most appropriate sequence of contacting prospective customers across multiple available channels.

Omni-channel Outreach

SmartLeads executes truly omni-channel outreach comprising of targeted ads, email, LinkedIn, SMS, voice messages, surveys and cold calling.

Monitor Your Target Audiences

Discover your website visitors identity, collect intent data, and see who is liking your posts.

Use Multiple Communication Channels

Select the most appropriate workflows for each ICP and buyer persona.