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User Management

SmartLeads offers excellent user management that enables to identify and administer users by roles and responsibilities. There are four types of users in the application.

Owner- is the one the who created an account in the SmartLeads application. The Owner primarily:

  • Manages subscriptions and billing. This responsibility can be assigned later to a user/stakeholder who has not been the one who created the account. That user becomes the Owner.
  • Buys additional licenses.

In addition, the Owner:

  • Creates workspaces, adds users, grants certain users Admin rights, assign licenses to users.
  • Maintains all the rights of an Admin.
  • Has access to multiple Workspaces.

Admin- primarily executes workspace management. More than one Admin can be assigned to a workspace. The Admin:

  • Creates and configures workspaces, adds users, and assigns licenses to users.
  • Maintains all the rights of Manager.

However, the Admin

  • Cannot manage subscription, billing and buy license.
  • Have access to multiple Workspaces.

Manager- primarily, defines market segments, reviews contacts database, and configures campaigns. Only one Manager is assigned to a workspace.

The Manager:

  • Executes user management functionality like add additional users, manage existing users in their respective workspaces
  • Maintains all the rights of a Member.
  • Cannot manage workspace like Admin.
  • Has access only to their respective Workspace

Member- acts as sender, reviews own campaigns progress and interacts with different recipients, engages with prospective responses. There can be multiple members in a workspace.

The following table summarizes the various Roles vs. SmartLeads product features.

The first user is always created by the Owner. Owner generally creates an Admin who can manage Workspace management. The Owner/ Admin  further create Managers for user management. The Owner/Admin/Manager create users. The total number of users in the application depends on the number of licenses acquired.

1. Login to the application; Click Users in the navigation menu.

2. In the response window, click + (Add User).

3. Enter the email details of the user. Ensure it is a valid email id as the application sends an invite to this mail id.  Assign a role to the user.

4. The owner is informed of the number of licenses available based on the subscription plan.

Click Invite User. In response, a confirmation is displayed to the owner. An invite is sent to the invitee via mail.

5. The user is listed in the user dashboard. The Activity Status shows Invited. It changes to Active only after the invited user accepts the invitation.

6. To Delete the invited user before the invitation is accepted,(optional), Click on the three vertical dots sign on the right and then click Delete.

The newly invited user is considered Active only after he accepts the invitation. When the Owner/Admin/Manager invites a user; as mentioned in the preceding sections, the invitee receives a mail.

7. Open the mail and Click Sign Up.

8. The invitee is prompted to set a Password and Confirm Password. Click Confirm.

9. Register with your personal details. First Name and Last Name are mandatory . The invitee can optionally upload his photo to serve as a  profile picture. Click Next Step.

10. The invitee is successfully registered is logged into application. Based on the role assigned, he can perform the permissible tasks.

For the owner now the new user is listed as an Active user.

To Disable an Active user, click . Click Disable.

The user is listed as Not Active.


To Enable a user: Click . Click Enable.