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Registering on SmartLeads

Registering on SmartLeads

To create an account with SmartLeads, it is mandatory to register in the SmartLeads Application.

The SmartLeads application supports self-registration. Anyone can register for free and create an account. The user registering and creating an account is automatically assigned the Owner role. At the end of the successful registration, a workspace is auto-created . The Owner is logged into the application. He can  access  the application.

1. Navigate to the SmartLeads application URL https://app.smartlead.so/. The Homepage is displayed. By default, the Login tab is active.

2. Click on the Registration tab. The Registration page is displayed.

3. Enter a valid Email address and Password. Re-enter the password to Confirm Password. Click Create account.

Note: The password must have,

  • one numeric character
  • one lowercase character
  • one uppercase character
  • one symbol
  • 8 characters

You are redirected to the verification code screen. A verification code is sent to the email address specified. Check your email for the code.

4. Enter the verification code received. Click Create Profile.

If the verification Code is not received on time, check for the correctness of the specified email address. Click Resend confirmation code. On receiving the code, execute Step 4.

5. Enter Personal Info ( First name, Last Name) as prompted. Click Next step.

6. Enter Company Info (Company Name, Website, Industry, Description) as prompted.

To upload the company logo (optional), click the camera icon, select the image file from the local system, click Open. The logo is uploaded . Click Next step.

7. On successful registration in the SmartLeads, a workspace is created for the profile. The Owner is logged in to  the account. The workspace menu item is selected in the navigation pane and directory of the first workspace  is displayed.

The email id used for registration must be unique. If the email id is already registered, the application alerts the Owner of the duplication. The Owner has to use an alternate email id for registration.