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SmartLeads provides a customer-facing application that enables users to specify target market segments, provide messaging and receive leads delivered. Based on provided inputs, AI Robot Adelia executes automated lead generation activities such as building a contacts database, running email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns, and tracking results.  

The SmartLeads application enables the customer to manage the lead generation process:

  1. Customer defines target market segments.
  2. AI Robot finds potential buyers and builds a contacts database.
  3. Customer provides personalized messaging for each market segment.
  4. AI Robot runs the outreach campaigns over LinkedIn and Email channels.
  5. Interested people who respond are identified by AI Robot as leads.
  6. Customer engages leads using personal communication.

Market segments are defined by specifying company profiles and person profiles. Based on these criteria, AI Robot searches for companies and people in third party databases, on Internet and on social media (LinkedIn). It applies the same criteria to search results to filter out relevant companies and people and eliminate non-relevant records that are part of search results due to inaccuracies of search in external sources. For these relevant people, AI Robot is searching for contact information such as corporate email ID and LinkedIn ID.

Contacts allocated to a specific market segment are then assigned as recipients to specific campaigns targeting this market segment. Customer writes messages text, then combines it into sequences and attaches specific sequence to each campaign. Each campaign will have an assigned sender. Senders are the customer’s leadership team and salespeople on whose behalf these campaigns are executed. 


SmartLeads application enables ability to create multiple workspaces. Each workspace will have access to relevant portion of the overall contacts database created for the customer. Workspaces segregate the overall customer contacts database into separate parts, each containing market segments non-overlapping between workspaces. Each workspace will have its own set of companies, people, and contacts. Each workspace will have its own campaigns. 

Typically, a workspace will be created for each separate sales department within the organization, pursuing different (non-overlapping) market segments or marketing different products of the company. 


An account created within SmartLeads application is typically linked to one company with one billing contact. Companies can create separate accounts with separate different billing details, even when the email IDs of people are from the same domain. This is not recommended, because different parts of organization will not have a consolidated contacts database. Recommended approach when one company will have one account and within that account different departments have their own workspaces. 


SmartLeads applications have the following roles: Owner, Admin, Manager, and Member.

- The Owner is the user who created an account in the SmartLeads application or who was assigned later to manage subscriptions and billing. Only the Owner can buy additional licenses. The Owner can create workspaces, add users, grant certain users Admin rights, assign licenses to users. The Owner has all the rights of an Admin along with a subscription management functionality.

- The Admin can create workspaces, add users, assign licenses to users. The Admin has all the rights of a Manager along with a workspace management functionality (add and configure workspaces).

- The Manager has all the rights of Member along with a user management functionality (add additional users, manage existing users) in their respective workspaces.

- The Member can work with the application in their respective workspaces but cannot do any administrative functions(workspace and user management). 

Owners and Admins have access to multiple Workspaces, while Managers and Members have access only to their respective Workspace. 



The owner manages the subscription and oversees the payments. The application offers a Free Start and paid Subscription plans such as Professional and Enterprise. Professional subscription plan offers a Monthly or an Annual billing cycle. Enterprise is restricted to an annual billing cycle. Payments can be configured within the application by the Owner using a credit card. 

The owner has rights to track all the activities and assign licenses to the available roles. A licensed user can be added as a Sender in LinkedIn and Email outreach campaigns. Each license triggers a defined capacity of new contacts to be added per month to the contacts database. 


Billing information is available to the Owner of the application.


SmartLeads application provides a customizable workspace to create efficient campaigns. Each Department or Function in a Customer organization can create one or more workspaces, managed by designated users. Each workspace contains a separate collection of market segments, companies and people, a set of marketing campaigns, and other settings made for a customer. 


Each market segment is defining profiles of companies and people targeted in this market segment. User can view, edit and delete market segments. Application provides contacts information, company characteristics and people characteristics. Company Characteristics includes revenue, headcount, industries and other filtering criteria for relevant companies. People Characteristics include titles, relevant job functions, locations, and other criterial to filter relevant roles within the potential customer organization.


SmartLeads application provides access to company’s database. This database is created by AI Robot based on company characteristics defined in market segments. User can import additional companies to be added to the database based on specific campaign requirements. Application provides dashboard facility, database management functionality, lists, import, export and reports 


Application provides access to people database. This database is created by AI Robot based on people characteristics defined in market segments. It provides details like their full name, Title, Company, Company URL, industry, Company employees, Company revenue, Company address, Management level, Department, LinkedIn URL, emails, and other details. Application provides features like access to Database, Lists, Import, Export, Dashboard and Reports. 

LinkedIn Campaigns

LinkedIn Campaign involves assigning relevant contacts to a specific campaign with multiple recipients using LinkedIn as primary data source, arrange & send different messages in sequence using LinkedIn inbox facility, and finally convert them to interest group. 

Email Campaigns

Email Campaign involves similar approach of LinkedIn Campaign except using LinkedIn Inbox. Instead, it uses user’s personal email id to send messages and engage at much granular and specific level.