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Logging Into / Out of SmartLeads

Logging Into / Out of SmartLeads

Logging into the SmartLeads application is a mandate to gain access to the application functionality. You are automatically logged-in to the application while you register. In other scenarios, it is needed to explicitly login to the application.

1. Navigate to the SmartLeads application URL https://app.smartlead.so/. The Homepage is displayed. By default, the Login tab is active.


2. Enter credentials and click Sign in.

3. You are logged in to the SmartLeads application.

During the application login, in case you cannot recall your password; Click Forgot your password?

Enter the valid email address; Click Reset Password. A mail is sent to the email id that contains a code to rest your password. Login with the new credentials.

To log out:

1. Click your profile picture or three dots from the user menu; select Profile from the dropdown list. on the three dots. Once the drop-down is listed, Click Logout.

You are logged out of SmartLeads and redirected back to the Login page.

You can login to the application anytime with your email ID and password as illustrated above.