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How to Configure Subscription?

How to Configure Subscription?

In this section, the Owner selects the type of subscription that suits his business needs.

SmartLeads offers both Free Start and Paid Subscription plans.

Free Start is a good option to understand the application, it comes with its own limitations. The number of licenses are restricted and that indirectly restricts the number of contacts added to the database.

The two paid Subscription plans available are:

  • Basic
  • Professional

Both Free Start and Paid Subscriptions offer the flexibility of Monthly or Annual billing cycle.

The following comparison table lists the benefits of the individual paid plans both in the Annual and Monthly Billing Model.

The following screen shows the Monthly Subscription Plans.

The following screen shows the Annual Subscription Plans.

The Owner can configure the Number of licenses for paid subscriptions using the + and - buttons.

Note: The Free Start Subscription Plan,

  • Does not allow you to configure the Number of licenses. By default, you are assigned only one license.
  • On Selecting Annual Billing, you are prompted to Contact Sales.

Select the suitable subscription and click Continue.

You are directed to Payment Setup.

Once a subscription plan is set, Clicking on Subscription, takes the Owner directly to Review and Buy.