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How It Works?

How It Works?

The following illustration depicts the end-to end lead generation process:

1. The customer defines target market segments by specifying the target company profile and buyer persona. A market segment definition ideally excludes the existing customer base. Alternatively, it should list the influencers and stakeholders of the target company. SmartLeads explores the (based corporate email ID and LinkedIn ID) for relevant matches.

2. Based on market segment definition, SmartLeads finds companies and people in third party databases, Internet, social media and creates a contact database. A contacts database is built based on search results and additional filtering to select only relevant people.

3. The customer provides personalized messaging for each market segment. The customer writes messages, combines them into a sequence, and links a specific sequence to each campaign.

4. SmartLeads runs the outreach campaigns over LinkedIn and Email channels. Contacts allocated to a specific market segment are allocated as recipients of specific campaigns targeting this market segment. Each campaign has an assigned sender. Senders are typically the customer’s leadership team members and salespeople on whose behalf these campaigns are executed.

5. SmartLeads identifies people who replied to outgoing communication and provide these contacts as leads.

6. Customer engages leads in personal communication to secure a meeting and qualify the business opportunity.