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SmartLeads is using the following terminology in this product documentation :

  • Campaign - A method of organizing outreach communication by configuring recipients, providing the text of messages, and defining sequences of messages.
  • Client - An organization that has an account in SmartLeads application with a subscription plan and licensed users.
  • Communication - Two channels of communication are supported: Email and LinkedIn. Email communication can be configured as a sequence of emails with defined delays between them. LinkedIn communication can be configured to send LinkedIn invites and a sequence of follow up messages (optional) with defined delays between messages. Follow up LinkedIn messages can be sent only to Connections; the Recipients who accepted the LinkedIn invite.
  • Company - Information about companies is stored in the application for lead generation purposes.
  • Contact - A person with the personal background and contact information stored in the contact database. Contact information would typically include a corporate and/or private email ID and a LinkedIn ID.
  • Data Field - A single piece of information (numeric or text field) stored in the database in a specific data record. A data record about a person or a company would consist of multiple data fields, each storing specific one type of information.
  • Data Record - Total information about a single company or person is called a data record. Data Record has multiple data fields holding specific information.
  • Exclusion List - List of companies or people that should not be used in outreach campaigns. Typically, these are existing or prospective customers, competitors, and other companies and people that should be excluded from the outreach campaigns.
  • Export Process of downloading data from contact database to a user’s computer.
  • Import - Process of uploading data by users to the contact database.
  • Lead Generation - A cold outreach process of building a contact database and sending Emails, LinkedIn invites and follow up messages to people identified as prospective buyers.
  • List - A collection of data records in a Company or People database. The list can only collect records from the data of the given workspace. Lists are created for a specific purpose or task (import, download, enrich, publish, assign to the campaign, etc.). The user can create lists manually or automatically due to certain activities (import, download). All lists belong to a specific workspace and are not shared across workspaces.
  • Message - The text of outreach communication. Email messages also specify the subject line for each email.
  • Outreach - An outbound marketing activity of sending cold communication to potential buyers (People) in potential customers (Companies). “Cold” means that these people have not been in contact with customer representatives yet.
  • People - Information about people (potential buyers) is stored in the application for lead generation purposes.
  • Provider - The service provider executes all operational activities required to build a contact database and execute outreach campaigns.
  • Published Data - The SmartLeads application collects data about companies and people from multiple sources. The data are merged in the database, deduplicated, and filtered for relevance to respective market segments. The relevant data records are then published to become visible to the customer in the database of companies and people. Customers can review and approve the data records (companies or people) or mark some of the data records as “excluded”.
  • Recipient - People from contact database that are assigned to a specific Campaign.
  • Sender - A licensed user on whose behalf the outreach communication is sent. Sender has specified Email ID and/or LinkedIn ID that are used for outgoing campaign communication.
  • Sequence - A defined workflow that outlines the order of sending messages and time delays between sequential messages. There are also conditions based on which workflow can continue, stop or split into different branches.
  • User - A person with a user ID in the SmartLeads application. Users with a license assigned to them can act as senders in the outreach campaigns.
  • Workspace - Provides access to a portion of the customer’s contacts database – companies, people, and contact information that matches the market segments specified for this workspace. Each workspace can have its own set of users in Manager and Member roles. A Client can configure one or more workspaces.